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I don't get it. Your email address is public in this forum as well, what makes it different from the mailing list archives?

is anyone likely to care?

my email addy is hidden on the forums

It's good manners and common sense to obscure or remove email addresses from headers in archived mailing lists, so I agree with the OP on principle. However it's more difficult to remove email addresses in quoted or body text, and this often relies on email clients not inserting the address of the sender when someone replies. It's not impossible however.

Some people go to a lot of effort to ensure their email addresses are not harvestable and I think it would be better form to at least consider such a view (which is, I suspect, a majority view anyway) rather than dismiss it as irrelevant.


--- Quote from: SoulEata on September 22, 2005, 03:41:25 PM ---my email addy is hidden on the forums

--- End quote ---
Not here:;u=486

The mail archives do obscure the email address, but admittedly in a pretty lame way.


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