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Road Runner:
I'm sorry, I've wanted to do it in order, making a wiki page, but i've ran out of time.

I would like to suggest ON+LEFT and ON+RIGHT bindings, on the file view and playlist view, would scroll the complete list of files to the left or right.

meaning, if you were in a folder with too long artist name, you would easily hold ON+RIGHT for a short while until the whole view scrolls to the right a bit, and you can read the songs names. if you would scroll up/down the list, it will keep the same position of scroll, and when you want you can scroll back the whole list with ON+LEFT.

if that would be ever implemented, the next addon would be having every folder remember how have you left it, so every time you'll enter "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" folder, it will still remember to show from only the titlenames.

the file that is selected/marked should scroll regularly from the same placement.

second, I think the stop button function in WPS is horrific, you can very easily stop a playing file and delete the whole playlist. and there's no need of the stop button when you can simply || pause/rewind.
I'm suggesting the stop button would scroll between playlistscreen and fileviewscreen, even if you were in menus or in the WPS. this will make navigation way quicker as this are very important functions which have to be very handy, and you can already get to the WPS screen very easily with ON almost from everywhere.
this is aimed for the IHP player, this works differently in archose's models where you have more buttons many times, and I don't have one really...


having a stop button is "horrific"??

if you accidentally stop playback, hit the resume key (PLAY on iriver, i think its ON on archos) to resume.

Road Runner:
first of all, it takes too much time. when using not to play only to yourself-when dj'ing a party, it's a much bigger problem.

second, it just not doing any good, so I think it simply shouldn't be there!

I can't believe no one had even replied on the first idea, ON+directions binding, which is great... but that's ok, I got a humangus C guide book and I would make it myself someday  8)


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