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ogg vs. mp3

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Road Runner:
WOW! the amazing search option has done it again! (that would be google)

Ogg sounds better. One of the important things is the coder cuts less of the bass, So it sounds better. read about it. I only code to ogg but it really drains battery on the player  :(


--- Quote from: Road Runner on September 17, 2005, 05:06:40 PM ---I only code to ogg but it really drains battery on the player :(

--- End quote ---

Even at the expense of more costly decoding I still regularly get over 10 hours of playback when switching back and forth between Ogg and FLAC.

Road Runner:
Well, I don't.

Maybe I do, anyhow, it feels very short, but I can't complain because there are so much options in rockbox that I almost never just play songs. about a week ago I've made a serious battery test playing on the iriver firmware an mp3 directory coded at about 112~128 kbps, the battery lasted  for more then 16 hours, and i've had the player for about two years now (!)

I tested fully the other day a got just under 17 hours playing mostly 192kbps MP3s.

I've no OGG files though, so can't really compare and can't be bothered to convert them all!


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