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ogg vs. mp3

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hello which is better? ive been listeing ot mp3 most of my life and now (i finialy decided to give ogg a try. got a encoder and converetd a song ot .ogg and i cant really tell a difference.  is there really a difference? i just want to know advancements for ogg. thanks for your input

the benefit of ogg is transparency (ie, it seems cd quality to you) at a lower bitrate, and thus a smaller file. If you don't need the space, stick with mp3 for compatibility and battery life. (ogg takes more cpu time to decode, thus draining the battery slightly faster)

You shouldn't convert MP3's to OGG, they're both lossy codecs, thus you lose some quality converting to mp3, then lose more converting to ogg.

If you're encoding into any lossy codec always encode straight from the original, full quality, source.

Ogg Vorbis is also a completely open codec. There are no patents held by anyone, if that's at all important to you, ... Also, if you have need for gapless it's native in Ogg while in MP3 only a LAME encoder hack can achieve gapless (AFAIK, I only use Ogg Vorbis). Ogg Vorbis comments are a little more flexible than the ID3 tags you find in MP3 files.

ogg = better
mp3 = more compatible

simple as that.


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