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OK, I understand that so far. I believe that the songs are in wav file (the one that gets you more songs on a player). What can I use to change them over to mp3, or will I have to redo all my songs?

it sounds like they are probably WMA (windows media audio) rather than WAV.  I guess it's possible to convert from WMA to MP3, though I've never done it and in general I'd say not to do it as the sound quality will be bad.  

To be honest I'd just re-rip the ones that I really want on my player as MP3s from the CDs.

It is possible to transcode from anything to anything, but it is a bad idea to go from one lossy format to another, as each encoder will throw away different parts of the track, and the result will sound much worse.  I know it is a pain, but you are much better off ripping again to the format you want (such as mp3).

ARGGGHHH!!!! Is there NO other way? My daughter has a zune. Can she download all her songs off that and put that in a media player? ALthough I "think" her songs are also not in MP3. She has them all from media player. I have over 1000 songs, with many cd's borrowed from friends and such. It'll take forever. I suppose I can just try one song or one album just to see if it sounds good. I'm not super, super, super into music to have the very, very best quality. After all, the wav or the wma is supposed to have poor quality, and those are fine with me. Any other suggestions?

wav is perfect quality, it is the uncompressed data.  It sounds perfect.  That is why a track is about 10 mb per minute in wav.

wma will sound fine at the correct bitrates, but transcoding from one lossy format to another WILL lose quality.  If you don't mind that, then by all means transcode.  Why not try it and see if you can live with it?

The archos has a dedicated chip to decode mp3 and a very slow main CPU that is not fast enough to decode on its own.  We cannot make it decode any other formats (well, technically it is possible to reprogram the chip that decodes the MP3s, but the sake of this argument we cannot).  With the archos you are stuck with mp3 or wav.  You could go quite happily from wma to wav with no loss of quality as wav is lossless, but it will never be better than the input quality.


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