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Distortion via Line-Out

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I recently installed Rockbox on my old Archos Stuido 20 after installing a new HHD into it after the stock drive died.

I placed a Samsung 40gb 5400 RPM ATA-6 drive in it and it seemingly works Okay.  The Rockbox firmware installed just fine as well and everything on the surface seems to be running smoothly.

I only use this device via the Line-out patch to a mixer at my workplace and I get some irritating distortion through the line-out now.  I have flatted the Bass and Treble and have confirmed I am not pre-amping the device at the mixer.  At first I installed the RB version 2.5 and then last night changed the install to the latest daily build.

I am still hearing distortion, especially in the bass.  The distortion increases to an un-listen-able amount after a few hours.  My suspicion is that the device is getting hotter than it did with the old Hitachi 4200 RPM drive.  The outside of the device does not feel hotter.  Actually it feels cooler now than previously.

The next thing I will try is simply uninstalling RBJ and see if it's still there with the stock firmware.  I would, of course, MUCH prefer to use RBJ with my Studio 20 (32)!

Is there anything else I could try to stop the distortion short of using the stock firmware?  Thanks for your time and the wonderful software.


I have confirmed the distortion issue is with Rockbox only and does not occur with the Stock Firmware.  Version 5.08.

Is there simply a .cfg file I can alter a line in?

Thanks for any help.

Have you checked all of the sound settings to make sure the sound isn't be altered at all, and output is definitely at 0db?

Yes I confirmed the volume was set to zero as well as flatted the Bass and Treble.  I also set Bass and Treble to -8dB as well.  They didn't seem to have much affect since I am listening to the Line-out.

Thanks for replying.

If I recall the Archos units have other sound altering settings as well, not just Bass and Treble, though I'm only sure of this on the Recorder.


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