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RockBox on MPIO HD200?


I took appart my HD200 and found that it uses hardware very similar to the iRiver H1xx. Is anyone doing/plannig to do a port of RockBox to this device? Unfortunately MPIO's firmware is rather poor...

And if nobody is, how do I start myself?
(I DO have knowledge in electronics/microcontrollers (thou I worked with AVR's and MSP430's) and know the C language).

Put the circuit board(s) on a flatbed scanner, scan at a high resolution and publish the pictures in the wiki. then we can start documenting the chips.

Pick up your trusty multimeter and start tracing the circuit board, to draw schematics.

Here they are:
I'm afraid of pocking around with a multimeter - something tells me that there are alot of thing I could kill with the 9v battery inside it...
And drawing the circuit is also rather complicated - the microcontroller and some other parts are in BGA packages  :-\

Don't worry, the multimeter doesn't use 9V when tracing. Those scans will take us quite a long way, but we will need to trace some signals. Also, we will probably need to sacrifice a player and remove the BGA's just like we did with the H100 and H300.

I find it very interesting that there is an unpopulated 20-pin ZIF connector on the PCB. It might very well be a BDM connector.


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