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Voice Menus on AJB Recorder V2 not working


All of a sudden, the voice menus are not working anymore on my Archos Jukebox Recorder V2. They were already working a few weeks ago.

I followed all instructions:

New OS Installed (build 14 Nov 2004)

english.voice copied into .rockbox\LANGS
I tried with various Voice files

English language selected

General Settings - Voice - Voice Menus: Yes

Remark: I have an 80GB Harddisk with approx. 60GB files in my box. Could this disturb in any way?

Can anyone help?

What are your "max files in dir browser" and "max files in playlist" settings?

Also remember that the music has to be stopped (not even paused) for the menus to talk.

Thanks for your reply.
In the meantime, I have managed to solve the problem.
Initializing the settings helped.


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