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Battery voltage during charge


 I loaded the latest build for my Jukebox 10 Player and also flashed the boot loader thingy yesterday. Now when charging it shows a continously updating battery voltage which is great. Can anyone tell me what voltage corresponds roughly to full charge.

I believe full charge is supposed to be 4.8V. This is based on having 4 x 1.2V batteries.
There's some (not particularly easy to decipher) info here

 cheers wrecker - I decided to watch it and it topped out at around 5.55v, or about 1.39 volts per cell. From what I can gather the cells have a slightly higher voltage at full charge. I also found some good info here, mainly about the recorder, but has some battery voltage curves

Interestingly the maximum voltage show here is 5.84 volts or so, which my unit never reached - maybe i should have left it longer


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