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WPS Text Editor for a Collage Project

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--- Quote from: BigBambi on September 06, 2005, 03:00:58 PM ---what I'd like to see is a program that lets me preview my finished WPS without having to load it onto my H140, disconnect USB, try it out, edit, reconnect to transfer the updated version etc. etc. 

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Agreed. This would be fantastic. I reckon you would see some people getting seriously creative with WPS if it wasn't so difficult to view it while designing.

drag and drop image tag creation would be handy, i hate typing out co-ordinates...

Those of us who have installed the development environment are blessed at having the simulator. I won't code a WPS without it. Nor would I dream of writing a patch without it. It's simple to use and indispensible. Whomever wrote this should be highly commended...

Thank you.

I designed and wrote the concept for the first Rockbox (X11) simulator back in March 2002. It has been improved by numerous people since.

I, for one, could not survive without it! I do all my WPS work and patches using it. Hats off to you, Daniel...


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