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WPS Text Editor for a Collage Project

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Hello All

I am soon to start working on a WPS Text Editor for a Computing Project at my Collage.

I am planning to create the Text Editor using Visual Basic primarily. I have one question for the dev’s, what language is the WPS coded in.

As this is a Collage Project I’ll need some assistance to identify the problems of current way of creating a WPS and what you, the end user would like out of this program. I am planning to introduce Syntax Highlighting and (ideally) WYSIWYG, I am just fishing for ideas as its very early days.

The Rockbox code that displays the WPS is written in plain C.

the WPS code itself is just a made up code for roxbox, designed to be quick and easy to parse.


Personally, whilst I don't have any problems writing a WPS with the standard tags in notepad (or whatever), what I'd like to see is a program that lets me preview my finished WPS without having to load it onto my H140, disconnect USB, try it out, edit, reconnect to transfer the updated version etc. etc.  This would be very useful with bmp screens to check that pictures appear in the correct place, especially if you are trying to get text (e.g. bitrate) to appear within a box.

I think this is slightly off what you originally meant, but that's the main feature I'd like in a WPS creation application.

Good luck with your college project.


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