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There's still interest, but I think people have been busy with other things.  If you want to see this port this would be a good thing for you to investigate.

You could start by trying to get the rockbox simulator to run on Android.

Please don't fill this section with "I would like it too" posts. Keep it to work actually being done.

I know this should be in new ports however the topic seems pretty dead.

Ubuntu 10.04 now supports direct access to the iPod Touch hard drive! Now I know rockbox is already on a few touch screen media players so I was wondering if anyone had any motivation to port rockbox to the iPod touch.

I would help out as much as I can but I know little about rockbox and little about compiling code for the iPod Touch.

I, and many other people would really appreciate being able to run rockbox on the iPod Touch! The iPod Touch doesn't support Ogg Vorbis (Which still 99% of my library is), and I would absolutely LOVE to have Rockbox on my iPod Touch :).

I really hope someone considers this as it would make so many people happy as Ogg Vorbis is a heavily used codec and considering there is no way to play it on the iPod Touch at the moment (Besides the VERY buggy VLC port) you would be doing a great service to even begin an iPod Touch port!

(If this needs to be moved please move it to New Ports or merge the topics, thanks)

Please see here. There has been discussion of how to *possibly* approach Rockbox on iPod touch devices, though any actual development down that route is, as far as I know, very limited if not nonexistent.


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