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will this work on the alatel pop c3 mobile phone

Has work on this been completely abandoned?

For my usage I have found the Smart Audiobook Player app fits my needs best on my Android phone after moving on from using Rockbox on my Sansa Clip+ as a result of the vans at work being replaced with a fleet with radios with no aux input but which do support Bluetooth with autoplay.

In particular SABP supports auto-rewind when Pause / Playing which is useful for restoring context when pausing mid-sentence and also has a mono setting (which is rare amongst music player apps) and a Boost button if the recording level is too low.  There are rudimentary EQ settings (compared to Rockbox) but I just leave them flat.

(though I still prefer to use the Clip+ with Rockbox and corded headphones when going for a run and also when listening to a recorded sports commentary to a single corded earbud while working)


--- Quote from: daemonspudguy on April 11, 2021, 03:39:46 PM ---Has work on this been completely abandoned?

--- End quote ---

The application port is used on various devices, and discussed in their respective threads. The android application specifically is not being actively developed for smartphones presently because it's tricky to make run on the newer android runtimes, although not necessarily impossible.

Since this is a development thread, please keep discussion related to development.


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