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What can't we do today, that we could do with money?

The only thing that comes to my mind is: buy Apple and Sandisk to get access to source code / schematics, but $100,000 isn't going to help.

BTW the steering committee is not deciding rockbox direction, it just exists to solve conflicts which can't be resolved (and it was luckily never needed).

I've now merged as many  New Ports topics as I can find where the over-arching "solution" is to have Rockbox running as an application on the target mentioned.

A lot of people already know, but perhaps forums regulars who do not subscribe to the mailing lists or who do not hang out in IRC may not - that kugel managed the obligatory "Ladies and Gentleman, we have sound!" email for his Android based "Hero" "Legend" phone last night.

Many many congratulations to him, and may this be just the beginning of Rockbox running on a lot of new devices.

so am I the first reporting user in this thread..? I'm honored  :)
I installed the 480x800 version (ehm there's a typo on the wiki page), on my Archos 5IT, running Android 1.6
It works pretty well, but some time, when I put RB app in background (using other apps)  it just stops playing music, so I return to it, the WPS is stuck on "play", i do a little fast-forward and/or rewind, then it returns playing music normally. Other times, with music stopped, I select a song and press "play", WPS compares, but music doesn't start. The "ff-rw trick" does the job in this case too. 
I tried some codecs (mp3, ogg and mpc), eq's and crossfeed. and everything is just playing fine!
Another thing, I don't know if it's my software fault, the app doesn't require "fullscreen mode" (in 320x480 ver. it did indeed) so I have the screen drifted down by the android status bar.

Thanks once more, kugel, for your great work!


I installed the Rockbox APK from AndroidPort wiki page on my Samsung Galaxy S (Android 2.1), but it seems to just hang at the Rockbox splash screen. I installed it from my microSD card using one of the "AppInstaller" apps (free from the App Market), not using the SDK as instructed on the AndroidPort wiki page, not sure if that will have made a difference.
p.s. Really excited to see Rockbox coming to Android. :)

Please don't report bugs on the prebuilt apks I host. They are not automatically build and therefore might not reflect SVN (they could even contain changes not in svn). There's little point in bug reports because I don't know what exact code they're based off.

They're just for the guys interested. Wait for auto-built apks.


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