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mp3 clip for folder doesn't work !



I tried to make my archos recorder 20 speaking.
I unziped the francais.voice in the .rockbox/langs folder and my settings are set to french.
It works with 'spell', 'numbers' but only for filename with 'while hovering' option.

   For testing I done:
- creation a new folder named: steph
- recording a mp3 file that I renamed
- move it in the folder steph: that doesn't speak!
- move it in the parent folder of steph: that doesn't speak too.

   For filename i had no problem: that work very well.

Thank you for your reply.

The clip file for a folder needs to named "" and placed into that folder. The name is literal, identical for all folders.

I suggest using the script to generate them, see:


Thank you Jörg.
How stupid I am.
Why doing simple when I can do more complex...

I make my mp3 myself. I don't need to use the script you suggeted me.


As you wish.  :) Most of us don't have the patience to do all of that in person!


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