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FMR locked now won't boot


I had Rockbox on and everything was working fine.... I haven't used the player in a month - loaded some new files on it, and then it won't play. everything booted correctly and I got the file screen, pushed play and NADA.... I could go thru all files and menus but couldn't get it to play. removed battery. etc.

I deleted the version i had (at least 2 - downloaded fall of 2006) and tried to reload archos firmware version 1.3 and start over - now it won't fully boot. Bar gets about 3/4 and stops. green and red ;ight on, spinning hd, but nothing, just locks. can't hook up usb, won't change when i plug into charger.

any ideas? did i delete too many files?


This may be unrelated, but you never flashed your device with Rockbox, did you?

it's been a while since i installed it (couple of falls ago!!) i don't think I was totally clear on the whole "flash" process, but I thought I had followed all the directions correctly because everything was working fine....

Make sure the device is off, hold F1 (the leftmost button under the display) and plug in USB.  That could give you USB mode without the device needing to boot off disk first.  Then you could examine the hard drive contents and maybe check the disk for errors.  You could also remove the hard drive and connect it to a computer via IDE (probably needing a 2.5 to 3.5" IDE adaptor).

(I'm not sure how to reliably get into ROMbox USB mode.  You might just get a hanging "Rescue boot" screen.  If I hold OFF while the rescue boot is hanging, the device powers off briefly and then turns on again.  Holding F1 and messing with the OFF button tends to get me to ROMbox USB mode, where there's just text telling you "USB mode".)


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