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 I mainly use my Player 10gb when cycling - it sits in a beltbag behind me. I loaded talkbox on and ran the scripts sucessfully, but was a little disappointed when it only said the folder and file names when in file browse. Is this the way it's meant to go or have I forgot to do something.

 I normally make a playlist of a number of albums (mostly unfamiliar music to 'explore' while commuting to/from work) and would like to hear the name of each new folder or song when the player starts that folder. I often find myself wondering 'Who is this playing' but it's us usually too much hassle to stop and check, and it's not uncommon for another folder to have started by the time I get there and I've usually forgotton about it too.

 So the question(s) being :
1. Is their a way currently to get this to happen?
2. If no - Would it be easy/worth doing from a contributing programmers point of view?

 In the meantime I intend to possibly alter to script to create the voice files to make a folder file called something like '00Foldername.mp3' and stick this in each folder (vb is the limit of my programming ability).
 I just thought I'd ask here to see what other people think and whether they'd use such a feature...

The script already creates a file called for the folder name. The trick is to have it play while the music is playing, and that isn't easy.

The Archos can only play one audio stream at a time, and to play the file Rockbox has to stop the music, load and play the .talk file and then reload the music to continue.

Not impossible, but pretty complicated.

an easier solution (similar to what tspoon wants) would be to have a setting that tells rockbox to play the .talk before the matching track starts...

And if you have music playing while you browse the dir?

thats something entirely different. All tspoon wants is for the player to tell him what its about to play before each track starts.


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