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Sansa e200/e200R: Keymap change.

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--- Quote from: Llorean on November 22, 2007, 01:02:28 PM ---That's the "Menu" for the Radio part of the code, not really the "Context Menu", and having it on the button that brings up the main menu elsewhere is actually in line with the way Rockbox expects to work, at least right now. Personally, I'm not happy with the overall way the Radio screen works either, but I'd rather figure out a general improvement to the radio screen than start introducing further divergences in how it works right now.

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Argh, I really, truly, hate bringing this thread back up to the top of the list, but I was just poking around the menus while writing out the MenuLayoutDiscussion wiki page and noticed that the "FM Radio Menu" and "Recording Settings" screens are brought up by different buttons, when intuition says it should be the same.  I realize that you think there are bigger issues on the table (and I agree), but in the meantime there is something a little off here.  


This is more or less a "fundamental design problem" I think. As in, they're on different buttons on other targets too, if I recall correctly, and fixing it is more of a case of improving both of those UIs, I think.


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