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Sansa e200/e200R: Keymap change.

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This thread is about the keymap.

I think a better idea than just changing it for everyone would probably keeping a profile for different players.  Having different players be able to select the profile of key mapping they want, whether it be the old profile or the new one.  A sort of switch and a reboot would be required to commit the changes.  Could be something in the settings that could be changed.

Hi, sorry for arriving late for the party but I have a few comments on the new keymap.

First, I don't have a big problem with it in principle, it's not a huge change and if it makes cross platform developing and use easier, so be it.

That being said the new keymap takes away some of the functionality of the original, specifically on the fly playlisting. By changing the context menu button's function you took this away and I can't find another way to do it.

Is there a work around on this or plans to address this?

Please read the manual. As I've said in many places, the new keymap is documented. I did not remove ANY functionality. Every "function" that had a button before, can still be accessed.

Try a long-press of select.

Beautiful. I appreciate the quick reply. Thanks.


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