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Sansa e200/e200R: Keymap change.

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To give warning, I'll be committing this patch (in its original form) this coming weekend:

It makes a few changes to the Sansa keymap which allow more functions to be accessed with less finger movement, increases the consistency between screens on-target, and increases cross-target consistency.

The mapping may feel slightly awkward to those of you used to the original firmware. but it conforms better to some UI aspects that tend to be preserved between Rockbox targets. If there are any problems with this patch (other than "I don't like it", as I'm looking for objective objections) feel free to post here or in the task before I commit it.

Here's my two sense:

(1) I like how Play/Pause stops playback. To me, logically, play starts and pause stops.

(2) The menu button and context menu button could be swapped easily; not a big deal to me.

(3) Select does have a function. While playing music, pushing it will return you to the last menu you were at. I do, however, think this should be changed to the menu button (bottom).

To address your points:

1) Stop is DIFFERENT from Pause. Play/Pause will still Pause. The presence of a "Stop" button is important to clear the playlist, as well as to allow voice playback to function while music is stopped (it cannot function while Paused currently, only while Playing or Stopped)

2) Okay

3) I never said "Select" doesn't have a function. Long Select (holding it down) currently doesn't, but will with the patch.

As I've said, many times and in many places, please TRY the patch before commenting. Point 3 would've been apparent to you, and probably point 1 as well had you tried it out.

OK, I'm very sorry, I did not understand. Now, I think I see the purpose of this patch, and I'll try it out later today when I update (it was committed).

While I understand that Rockbox is a multiplatform project, and it should be consistent on those platforms, shouldn't the buttons that have meaning printed on the case be used?  What I mean is, why shouldn't "play" mean "play" and power/menu take you to the menu and power it off.  It's not just a matter of those used to the OF, but rather those who can see their actual case.  To tell you the truth, I'm upset about it, but I guess we'll see.


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