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play freeze with current build version flashed - JBR v1

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Hello there,
My JBR v1 was ok with Rockbox 2.5. I flashed with a recent current build version. I have a 120go drive.
Everything seemed to work well but I can't play any audio file : it begins to play the file but it instantly freezes and shut down after a few seconds. I put back ver 2.5 and it works well.
What could be this problem ?

Some major changes to the playback core were commited recently (i'm not sure if they affect hardware decoding targets like the JBR though). Could you try a build from a few weeks back (like a month ago) and see if you can still reproduce the freezing?

doesn't work with rockbox-recorder8mb-20070930 : same problem

Can I find older versions ?


--- Quote from: alzi on October 30, 2007, 01:40:54 PM ---doesn't work with rockbox-recorder8mb-20070930 : same problem
--- End quote ---

Do you really have a modded recorder?

This build is for recorders that have a mod to increase ram size...

That can definitely explain why his device is freezing and shutting down.

alzi, make sure you download the regular Archos JBRv1 build, NOT the 8MB build.

And like pixelma asked: did you mod your JBR to give it 8MB of RAM?


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