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I found Quick Format worked. The volume now shows as FAT, though oddly Format offers only FAT32. But Rockbox runs.

--- Quote from: pamaury on November 10, 2013, 06:59:01 PM ---after some investigation I found the problem .... I'll upload a new bootloader soon.
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--- Quote from: pamaury on November 10, 2013, 06:59:01 PM ---By the way, forgot to mention it: Rockbox currently doesn't charge over USB, so use the recovery mode to recharge.
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Thanks. Other user might like to know: with player off, hold Play while you press Power. Then connect charger/USB and verify the top-right battery icon shows the lightning bolt.

Amaury wrote

> Please only reports serious issues

OK. Given Rockbox Flyspray "Operating System" (Devices) doesn't yet cover Creative ZEN, is this thread the best place for bug reports?


Yes, this thread is the best place to report issues during the "hot" development phase :)


--- Quote from: pamaury on November 10, 2013, 07:42:16 PM ---Yes, this thread is the best place to report issues during the "hot" development phase :)

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Issue 1 - Return to Files on pressing Select on While Playing Screen can cause crash.

*** UPDATE: Concluded FIXED. On Version adc5033-131121, a few hundreds operations have shown no crash. ***

Conditions: Device model is ZEN 8Gb; device unit is Chris's unit "G"; Boot version is V1Beta; Rockbox version is b170c73-131110

With default settings, on Now Playing, Select often causes crash. E.g.

1) Plug device into USB
2) Format the device using Windows Disk Management, Format... 'Perform a quick format'.
3) Copy to the device root directory the .rockbox directory, plus four FLACs and four WAVs - shown here
4) Unplug USB
5) Wait for Rockbox welcome page, press Select
6) Press Select (enters Files)
7) Press Down to reach second track (a WAV file, shown here), press Select (track plays),
8a) Wait a second or more, press Select OR
8b) Wait a second or more, press Play to stop, press Select OR
8c) Press Back, press Up to reach Files, press Select.

Observed: crash. Reset and repeat from 5 gives the same every time.

--- Code: ---Data abort at 6005F4DC
FSR 0x8
(domain 0, fault 8)
address 0xBC5A8FEB
pc:6005F4DC sp:600B3960
    A: 6005EFEC
    A: 60014714
    A: 60014E3C
bt end

--- End code ---


* The file set is here

* Deleting files 3 to 6 prevented the crashing. Restoring those files did not restore the crashing. So perhaps the issue is sensitive to the hidden details of the storage, and perhaps depends on the order in which the files are copied.

*With other sets of track files, on an installation that had some theme settings changes (Bar (solid), Clear Backdrop) and had Files\Playlists\ and the single user-created Files\ sub-directory, this crash was found to occur whereas when the installation was restored to default, it did not.

* Creating the folder Files\Playlists (using the Playlist Catalogue command) reduces the incidence of crash to about 50%. Deleting that folder restores it to 100%.

* On RB Version: 1ef7b65-131119, the crash doesn't occur on the second track, but does on the fourth.  "Data Abort at" is changed to 6005F500.
  ** On this version, with some configuration changes (.cfg here ), the crash has so far not occurred.

* On updated RB Version: adc5033-131121, the crash has so far not occurred. The only perhaps related issue found is on Files, Playlists, click a playlist, one occurrence of a splash message "Error|Unable to load playlist" or similar.


FWIW, we're in IRC right now talking, so you could report things more quickly there.


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