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Ok maybe I should have written differently: Windows correctly detected your device as Mass Storage. I doesn't show in the usual place (MyComputer) because it not formatted. To do that, it depends on your Windows version but usually go to Settings > Computer Management > Disk Management (Windows 7) or Settings > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Disk Management (Windows XP). Just look up on google :)


--- Quote from: pamaury on November 08, 2013, 05:01:41 AM ---Settings > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Disk Management (Windows XP)
--- End quote ---

Thanks. I do find it there: as two Disks  Also FWIW I see it under Removable Storage, Media

However Disk Management Format with default options reports failure: "The format did not complete successfully".  And the ZEN screen still says "No partition found", "Loading firmware", "File not found".
EDIT: Also, Explorer Format reports failure:
EDIT: workaround: use Explorer Format [x] Quick Format. This succeeds (i.e. does not report failure).
EDIT 2013-12-06: This problem persists with bootloader V1Beta3_3f555f01. EDIT 2014-01-27: Verified on Win XP SP2 and SP3.
EDIT 2014-01-27: This problem has not shown in trials on Win7 and Mac OSX.

Perhaps related is the fact Windows shows this disk to be 3.63GB - half what I'd expect on this 8GB ZEN.
EDIT: Wrong size issue fixed:,13462.msg221570.html#msg221570

Any ideas?

Has anyone else tried formatting with Windows?

someone reported success under Windows but he also has incorrect disk size and I myself get a 0 byte drive under Windows. It seems there is an issue with storage under Windows, I'll try to fix this asap.

Thanks Amaury. Perhaps success depends on storage capacity. EDIT: FWIW, I note the reduced disc size corresponds approximately to the FAT16 maximum of 4Gb.

Hi again
after some investigation I found the problem (see below for the techies). So I'm going to completely change the way the disk size is computed because Creative basically screw up. I'll upload a new bootloader soon.

By the way, forgot to mention it: Rockbox currently doesn't charge over USB, so use the recovery mode to recharge.

Explaination of the problem:
Creative uses a custom partition table with a "total size" field which is 64-bit large, so theoretically it's fine, but in practice their format code must be broken and does the computation on 32-bit. As a result, the reported size is (disk size) modulo 2^32. For example, 16GB moduloe 2^32 = 3GB. I guess for some others values it could produce strange values. Thank you Creative.


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