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--- Quote from: chrisjj on November 24, 2013, 09:12:06 PM ---Issue 3 - Options (menu) and My Shortcut buttons have no effect

I'm guessing this is a bug, since "Keys 90%  Buttons are working but the driver could be smarter and save power." and;a=blob;f=apps/keymaps/keymap-zen.c;hb=HEAD says

--- End quote ---

As of this new build,13462.msg238539.html#msg238539 :

 * ZEN Options (menu) operates Rockbox context menu. Great!
 * ZEN My Shortcut button still does nothing AFAICS.


--- Quote from: pamaury on December 12, 2016, 05:50:02 AM ---Hi all,
I manage to reproduce the LCD problem on my ZEN X-Fi and traced it back to a hardware bug. I have implement a tentative workaround in
which completely solves the problem on my device. I'd like to get the feedback of more testers. Here are builds with the patch, note that you need to install a new bootloader because this is where the problem usually happens. As usual follow the instruction from download the firmware_zen_lcd.nk file and upload it using sendfirm.

* new bootloader:
* new build:
--- End quote ---

I'm interpreting "the LCD problem" to refer to the two closely related problems I reported here:

"Issue 4 - Lock-up with black screen".

--- Quote ---Description: Sometimes upon Rockbox program launch, the device goes unresponsive to buttons, showing a black screen.
* Also plugging/unplugging USB sometimes leads to the same locked-up state.

--- End quote ---

Testing the new version found BSoD on boot between 1 in 100 and never (depending on unit), and BSoD on USB plug/unplug never. Details below.

I think that puts Creative ZEN Rockbox firmly in business! A great achievement Amaury! Well done and many thanks.



Creative ZEN units that all work fine with the OF. Previously the 2014-07-20 version of Rockbox firmware and player (Boot version: V1Beta2_fbf8aa1) was tested on most of them and in all such cases but one, worked without major problem except this BSoD..


1 Using this method install:

* New bootloader: 45697a0bf-161212

* New build:
2 Copy an audio file to the device and play it (to avoid USB unplug causing "Error accessing playlist control file" and then *PANIC*)


I used a clip to hold down the power ("On/Off/Lock") button, and another to facilitate reset access.

1 Ensure the unit is fully charged
2 Ensure no connected charger (to evade the Rockbox check that mistakes the charger for a USB host) or USB to PC.
3 Power-on the device
4 In Settings, General Settings, Display, LCD Settings, Backlight, set On (to avoid any test non-fail halt causing a blank display)
5 In Settings, General Settings, Display, LCD Settings, Brightness, set 10 (to maximise charge life)
6 Attach the clip to hold down the power ("On/Off/Lock") button. The device boots and reaches the Rockbox menu, and then shuts-down and repeats. (Cycle duration is ~6s.)
7 After two hours (i.e. inside the charge life), verify that the device is still cycling through boot and main menu.

If this verification succeeded, the test result is Success, else it is Fail.

8 After a fail, to restart, release the power button (simply pressing reset fails), press reset, and then restore the clip holding down the power button.


* Unit P (2Gb): Success.

* Unit N (4Gb, suffering from a regular scatter of coloured dots on Rockbox, but not OF). Fail.

Fail is on first cycle, every time. Showing Data abort at 6002C7C0. After restoring the Creative firmware and the reinstalling Rockbox firmware, again fail, but showing Data abort at 6004c494.

* Unit L (8Gb): Fail. First 100 cycles usually succeed.

* Unit G (8Gb): Fail. First 100 cycles usually succeed.

* Unit T (16Gb): Fail. First 100 cycles usually succeed.

* Unit AC (32Gb): Success.


1 Power-on the device
2 Plug-in USB connected to PC
3 Verify the device display shows the USB plug picture
5 Unplug USB
6 Verify the device display shows main menu
7 Repeat from 2.


* Unit P (2Gb): Success.

* Unit AC (32Gb): Success.

On a new install of Rockbox zen_lcd on a Creative Zen:

1 Reset device
2 Plug-in USB and wait for device to say "Bootloader USB mode"
3 Unplug USB and wait for main menu
4 Plug-in USB and wait for device to show USB plug pic
5 Unplug USB and see "Error accessing playlist control file" pop-up
6 While pop-up shows, plug-in USB

Expected: Device shows main menu
Observed: Device hangs (EDIT: with LED lit), showing

usb_storage_initconnection(): OOM
pc:6006CDC0 sp:600EC6B8
        A: 6006AF38
        A: 6006B50C
        A: 6004E43C
bt end

Workaround: First play a track!


Excellent work, never had a boot hang after your bootloader update, awesome accomplishment.  8)


--- Quote from: viggen66 on January 10, 2017, 10:24:12 AM ---never had a boot hang after your bootloader update

--- End quote ---

FTR, which .rockbox Version are you running?


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