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I'd like to help if possible :) I really like to see Rockbox on my Zen..

I can do a little c, own a Zen and have a build environment ready. So if I need to lend a hand, just let me know.


--- Quote from: chrisjj on April 13, 2013, 09:43:59 AM ---... I'll buy another and send it over to you.
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FTR, this was done that week.

Grand! What a great move!  8)

Hi all,
the great day has finally arrived: you can beta test Rockbox on the ZEN! Before doing that, you must be aware that this is a preliminary software and as such it might not work at all, break your device, destroy the world, ... the usual stuff :)

More seriously though, there is a big issue at the moment which cannot really be solved: Rockbox and the Creative OS share the same disk space but do not use the same file system. Consequently, one cannot use Rockbox without reformating the entire disk use the FAT file system, which will prevent the Creative OS from working, and conversely if you reformat the disk for Creative OS, you cannot use Rockbox.

To sum up: if you want to use Rockbox, you will have to reformat the internal disk of the device and you will loose all your data ! Note that the SD card will not be touched.

Now if you still want to do that, go to and follow the instruction. I prebuilt the bootloader and the windows tools to perform the installation. Once the bootloader is installed, plug your device: the rockbox bootloader will appear and show up as a USB disk. If you are under Windows, it will notify you that the disk is unusable and you should reformat it using FAT. If you are under Linux, use your favourite method to reformat it.

Once the bootloader is installed and the disk formatted (you only need to do that once), you can install/update rockbox by downloading the nightly build here: : unpack it at the root of your device, it should produce a .rockbox directory.

Please only reports serious issues: this is a preliminary software and thus many things are suboptimal at this point.

Great news! Well done, Amaury.

I tried on Windows XP SP2 and got as far as:

--- Quote ---Formatting for Rockbox
The device should appear as a Mass Storage device in your host.
--- End quote ---

It did not. Windows reported finding new hardware and asked for OS restart, but after than no new hardware is showing in the usual place (My Computer).

The ZEN screen shows "Bootloader USB mode" and other lines, inc. a changing "Die temp: " line. This machine successfully connects to the Creative-firmwared ZEN.

Any ideas?


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