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Would that apply for the Creative Zen Mozaic? There are a lot of models called "Zen", so I'm not sure. I have a Zen Mozaic gathering dust in a drawer that I'd resurrect if it could be made to run Rockbox :-)

Hello, this thread is for the Creative ZEN only, I have created a new thread for the Mozaic, feel free to post on it.

I'm the owner of four Creative ZENs and would REALLY love to have Rockbox on them. :)

If there's any developer here that needs support for this, do say.

Hello chrijj,
I already did quite a bit of reverse engineering on the Creative ZEN, but I'm missing the device to actually program something. Someone started to do the work but he disappeared. If you want to help, maybe you can send me one device (i'll send it back when it's done).
Thanks for your interest

Amaury, sounds good.  - thanks. I can't spare any of my own units so I'll buy another and send it over to you. Please let me know your postal address by PM.


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