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Okay, I've found the actual firmware, using zen_utils. Most of the information to do so came from the ZVMport wiki page, thanks guys. I can confirm that it does indeed follow the same format as the firmware for other players in the creative line. I even found the same strings that were found in the ZVM firmware. I'll do some more work, after work.


EDIT: Okay, so, I have identified the function of the files, they are quite similar to what is found in the ZVM project. However, only problem, I made one, very very tiny modification: I altered a few strings in jukebox2.jrs, and compiled a new firmware, using zenutils. I then tried to replace the firmware of my player with the new, very slightly altered firmware, and it did not accept it. As an experiment, I also tried using the old firmware, still using sendfirm in rockbox/utils/MTP, and that update worked.

Therefore, theres still a step I'm missing in the compiling of a new firmware. I have made no modifications to the actual firmware code, just to the strings in an associated file.

UPDATE: April 23rd, 2008
Still working on getting the player to accept a firmware archive.

UPDATE: April 25th, 2008
The player accepts signed firmware now, courtesy of Maurus. Yay Maurus! I've also taken the firmware, and disassembled it. Now to be reading the very very long firmware.  ::)

some more info on the LCD to put on the wiki, it's a lms250gf03:

the usb of the device vid and pid:


--- Quote from: ctaf on May 30, 2008, 10:32:28 PM ---some more info on the LCD to put on the wiki, it's a lms250gf03:

the usb of the device vid and pid:

--- End quote ---
Thanks, I've added it to the wiki.

BTW, I've read the IRC logs and if you have some questions about porting, PM me :)

Just to update this thread, the Zen uses the STMP3760 which is very similar to the STMP3780 (I think just different amounts of SRAM and some onboard peripherals) used in the now supported Fuze+.  Most likely a large amount of that work could be reused on the Zen if someone feels like working on this port again.

I am the developer who did the Fuze+ and X-Fi 2/3 ports. The Creative ZEN uses a SoC very similar to the imx233 which can be found in the Fuze+, ZEN X-Fi2/3. Also if I'm correct, the Creative ZEN is very very similar to the ZEN X-Fi (read: basically the same). I have begun some work on the ZEN X-Fi. I think the amount of work to port to the ZEN is very moderate once the ZEN X-Fi is done, it could amount to only change a few settings/pins here and there. Both ports could even be done at the same time.

Depending on how much you want to get involved, you can try to run code on the device and play with it or even do some reverse engineering. I advise that you come on IRC in any case, I can give you many tools to avoid starting from scratch.


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