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Once Creative's firmware encryption is cracked, the ZEN could also be ported to Rockbox (as its functions are almost identical to the ZVM and I believe its internals are too), so I opened this thread for gathering information of the Creative ZEN.

According to the ZEN uses a SigmaTel 3700 SoC (so no TI TMS320DM320) which means the processor+DSP combination is quite different, although their firmware format is the same. (open up an firmware update of the ZEN with ZenFirm.exe from zook and you'll see)

The Sigmatel STMP3600 and STMP3700 belongs to the same ARM-family (I think), and Sigmatel have published some Linux work on the 3600. I would guess that you could get some hardware info by looking at the Linux code:


--- Quote from: Karl_210 on March 08, 2008, 12:34:47 PM ---I have a 8gb Zen so i wouldn't mind trying to help. I'm new to this so..
but i know somethings about electronics

--- End quote ---
As stated in the posts above: first read the CreativeZVMPort wiki page which contains a lot of information which is also valid for the Creative ZEN (firmware structure etc).
Then I advice you to download CreativeWizard (see CreativeZVMPort page or, extract (C)TL from a nk.bin file and decrypt it (using zook's zenutils).
Then you'll be able to disassemble it et cetera..

how do you take it apart i've taken apart my sansa e250 before.
do you pull off the top?


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