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So, I think my point still remains. Is this just something to do with Wiki itself or have I done something wrong?

When I look at that wiki page, the level 3 heading is larger than level 4. I can't see anything wrong.

I'm using FIrefox on Debian.


Are you looking at the example I gavce in my first post, i.e. the FFwd/RW entry?
I'll attach a screenshot of what I an seeing....

In the Wiki code, the 'FFwd/Rewind' is set to level 3 (---+++)
and the 'FF/RW Min Step' below is set to level 4 (---++++), yet shows up in a larger font.

[attachment deleted by admin, too old]

I've been using IE6 for viewing this page,. I've just tried a few thing sout and found that if I set the text size to 'smallest' from the View-> text size option, it shows OK. (Screen shot attached with new settings).

For some reason, IE seems to resize the level 4 text, but not the level 3.

Sorry to cause lots of confusion, I think this may just be me using dodgy Microsoft products...

I'll switch to Firefox immediately. ;D

[attachment deleted by admin, too old]


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