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I'm not a coder, so yesterday I was doing my bit to aid the Rockbox "cause", and updated the WikiManual Main Menu page quite heavily (Revisions 1.4 and 1.5 - Wiki name - EdSolman).

When I was previewing my changes, I noticed that the fonts used for Headings 3 & 4 (i.e. ---+++ and ---++++) seemed to have gone a bit wrong in places and I couldn't work out if I'd done anything wrong. I tried to put extra line breaks around them, but this didn't work. In the end Ijust commited the changes anyway.

1) Go to the Wiki Manual Main menu page - here
2) Go to the "FFwd/Rewind" section under the "General Settings" menu
3) In my update, the "FFwd/Rewind" label is set in Wiki to Heading level 3 (---+++).
4) The two sub-categories underneath ("FF/RW Min Step" and "FF/RW Min Accel") are at Heading level 4 (---++++).

I checked and double-checked my Wiki update and these were definitely set right.

So, why do the level 3 header appear in the smaller level 4 font and vice versa??

Can anyone let me know what I did wrong??

I'm so confused.....
 ???  ???  ???

That's very strange.  I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that "FFwd," with its mixed capitalization, looks like a wiki word?

looks like linus has fixed it for you. take a look.

No, Linus is doing something else.  The problem that wrecker noted still remains.

(When I created the wiki manual pages, I named them MainMenu, FileMenu, etc.  Linus is changing them to ManualMainMenu, ManualFileMenu, etc.  Linus, if you happen to read this, is there a wiki page naming protocol that I should be following?)

hes changing it to be clear that its part of the wikimanual i think. he seems to want to keep the wikimanual and the docs separate.


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