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Other jukeboxes with FOLDERS?

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thats not true, im pretty sure creative zen has a mass storage mode, i dont know any other big brand names other than iriver zen and iaudio that have it, except ofcourse, the archos ;)

Iaudio X5 does too, as Xetrov said. Mass storage compatibility is quite sought after, so its likely to be mentioned in a review of the hardware, so check google for one before you commit.

the zen does not, i know that for a fact, having used one.

The ability to act as a simple hdd was why I bought an iRiver. I only run Linux and have no intentions of running special software just to maintain my player. Nooooooo.

I downloaded the Creative manuals, and no, they don't act as mass storage-- you have to partition a segment and use their software to backup data.

will check out the Iaudio though.


--- Quote from: starmanj on August 31, 2005, 11:16:55 AM ---Actually most other players don't behave as mass storage devices.  IPOD doesn't
--- End quote ---
I'm quite sure that iPods are simply UMS devices. They just expect a different filesystem layout. Sure you can't just "drag & drop" like the OP said, but there is no driver-problem on other operating systems (again, I'm not 100%, but pretty sure).


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