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Other jukeboxes with FOLDERS?

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It's not at all pointless.

Consider the case of Linux/FreeBSD/Whatever drivers. If the device is UMS, all you have to do is figure out the directory structure and file database (see gtkpod and other programs that interface with iPods).

If the iPod wasn't UMS, but some proprietary protocol, things would be a lot more complicated.

The point is I don't want anything that needs a translation layer.  Simple drag-and-drop UMS is the only way to go.  The IPOD is a huge PITA to work with-- even using 3rd party sync software.

It's too bad Rockbox can't be ported to currently sold players-- I can't find any currently supported devices for sale.

Well, for iRiver, you might still be able to dig up an H140 for sale.  People are still finding them.  If not that, consider a 3xx series player.  They are porting Rockbox to those.


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