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Other jukeboxes with FOLDERS?

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I love my Archos, but fear it's on its last legs.  I have searched, but can't find another jukebox that simply lets you COPY YOUR MUSIC FOLDERS INTO IT and plays like the Archos!

The Ipod is the worst example-- it must "import" all your music into its proprietary database.  I just want to plug the USB in, drag and drop my music folders, delete the folders I don't want, etc.

What other jukeboxes work like the Archos?


pretty much any other moden mp3 player except the ipod, my friend just got an iaudio x5 and is very happy with it.

the iriver does.

nobby, like your style. Simple, concise, to the point.

Buy iriver. Enjoy life. Never look back.

Actually most other players don't behave as mass storage devices.  IPOD doesn't, Creative players don't-- but yes, it looks like Iriver does.

I think most don't because it prevents people from uploading and downloading to different computers.

Is Iriver the only other player that is a general-purpose XP recognized mass storage device?


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