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Option to display albums in Database by year?

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I don't understand what you're asking in the first paragraph at all. It sounds like you haven't quite read what I've said.

Albums cannot be sorted by year, because there is no data stored for albums. Data is stored for songs. So what you get is "All songs on this album." What you can do though is have another tag on the songs for "Album Year" or just use an existing tag as it. Then sort first by that tag, then by album name.

The database just stores information about songs. "Albums" don't really exist. All they are is a series of letters that several songs have in common, so you can't store specific information about an album such as its year. But you can, on every song, use a tag to store what year that song's album came out.

And yes, to add a new tag to the database you'd need to make a patch. To "steal" a tag the database already supports, on the other hand, you could just edit the tags in your files, and make a custom tagnavi.


All this is true, but, for example, why not consider the date stored in the first song as the date of the album? Or even in all songs. That would be a method as valid as the one used to retrieve the album's name.

In fact, foobar2000 does it that way.

There is no method to retrieve the album's name, because no information is stored about the album.

If you have six songs from one album, and in three the album name is misspelled, you will have 3 songs from one album, and 3 from another, and will see two different album names in the list because all it's doing is grouping them by the content of a list of letters, and doesn't know what that list *means* other than it's the list "called" a different list of letters.

You could group them by year, but of course then it would group every song from that year, independent of album. But if you do "Year" then "Album" then you'll see all albums from that year, assuming all your songs have the same year marked on any given album.

Then again, if all your songs had the same year marked, wouldn't that negate the need for this request which was for a separate tag for album date than then normal year tag?

Your statement basically seems to suggest exactly what he doesn't want to do...


--- Quote from: KindOfBlues71 on October 12, 2007, 04:30:58 PM ---I understand that the file contains the metadata info, but if you can specify how to sort by artist name and album title, it doesn't make sense why albums cannot be sorted by year.  Especially since selecting a year gives me a list of artists with albums tagged with that year and then under an artist, a list of those albums.  So is that a limitation of the tagnavi syntax or am I way off here (the most likely reason)?  I know the File View settings affect the way files and the database lists things, so is that part of the reason I can't sort albums by year?

--- End quote ---

If all you want to do is see a list of albums after you select "Year" (instead of a list of artists first), then you could just change this line in .rockbox/tagnavi.config :

 "Year"     -> year ? year > "0" -> artist -> album -> title = "fmt_title"

to this:

 "Year"     -> year ? year > "0" -> album -> title = "fmt_title"

You will have to do the mod each time you update rockbox though...

And it isn't really sorting by album year, if there are songs from different years on an album you will only see the songs from the year you selected when you get to the album.

Is that what you meant?

Wouldn't following this advice avoid the overwriting issue?

--- Quote ---# Tag Browser configuration file, do not edit as changes will be lost!
# Instead, you can modify "/.rockbox/tagnavi_custom.config" which will never
# get overwritten automatically.
--- End quote ---


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