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Option to display albums in Database by year?

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I've read through all the posts I could find regarding sorting albums by year in the Database and the only answer given was "no".   This is a function I would really like to have and I was wondering why it's not possible to sort albums by year, only tracks.  I personally don't understand why someone would want to sort tracks by year, but I'm sure they have a good reason!  Any chance of this functionality being available?  If not, is this something that could be added via a patch?  Doubt that it matters but I'm using Rockbox on a 30GB 5g iPod Video.

I've only been using Rockbox for about two months now and I'm really happy with the functionality it provides.  I hope you'll all continue making it both stable and as customizable as possible, which is not an easy task!


Add the year into the album name, for example "(1997) This Album" and then when you sort by album name, they'll be sorted by year.

Seriously, it sorts by metadata. The album itself doesn't have metadata, only songs do. You could find an 'Album Year' tag, if one exists, add support for it into the database, and then you could have a list of years, and when you select a year, have a list of albums. Assuming such a tag exists it'd be a workable solution.

There IS a tag for copyright year that you could hijack for that purpose.

If you're hijacking tags, you may as well just hijack one of the tags already supported in the Rockbox databsae. Just pick one you aren't using and use it.

I understand that the file contains the metadata info, but if you can specify how to sort by artist name and album title, it doesn't make sense why albums cannot be sorted by year.  Especially since selecting a year gives me a list of artists with albums tagged with that year and then under an artist, a list of those albums.  So is that a limitation of the tagnavi syntax or am I way off here (the most likely reason)?  I know the File View settings affect the way files and the database lists things, so is that part of the reason I can't sort albums by year?

Regarding your suggestion to use the Album Year tag, what do you mean by "add support for it into the database"?  Do you mean write a patch or edit tagnavi_custom to look for that tag?  Assuming the database supported the Album Year tag, or I hijacked an already-supported tag, wouldn't that sort the exact same way Year is sorted now?  Your description of how it would sort sounds like it does.

Thanks very much in advance for any explanation, as I'm trying to wrap my head around this.  When it comes to something I'm interesting in learning about, like Rockbox, I like to know "why/why not".



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