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can anyone tell what it is ?
can´t find an explanation

have you ever heard of anit-skip in a cd player? its basically that. it reads data for so many (seconds?) and so if you bumped your player it wont skip but if it gets bumped for over how many seconds you have it set it will skip. i

m not sure if this is the technical answer but its what i think it is and if not im pretty close. if not ill just get ripped on. one question i have is why did they automatically set the antiskip buffer on iriver? it really dosnt need it at least i dont think so. never had it skip. man o man do i wihs archos had this when i had one. i would mow the lawn and it would skip like crazy, but with my iriver it never skips.

ok thanks
the antiskip-buffer was cause of my problem
i set it to 5 sek and everything was really slow
now have i configured it to 5 min and all works quite fine...

I've just updated the Anti-Skip Buffer section in the Wiki Manual.

Hopefully this will clarify things for you.

Link: WikiManual - Anti-Skip Buffer section

In regards of anti-skip useing more power. If there no skips it just reads ahead and prefills the buffer. No extra power here. In case of skip of cause it will read more data again and again and does consume more. Assuming skips don't have offen extra power is probably negligible.

Any comments?


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