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I've just been trying to install rockbox on my new iAudio M5. I copied the files exactly the way the manuals said I should but when I turn on the device I get the old firmware, and nothing seems to happen.
Perhaps I'm not reading the instructions correctly, I've especially puzzled with the sentence:
"Turn the X5/M5 off, remove the USB cable and insert the charger. The X5/M5 will automatically upgrade the flash with the Rockbox bootloader"
What's the "charger"? I charge my player from the usb port (I don't know of any other option). What I did was copying the file, turning of the player, disconnectiong the cable and turning on the player again. As I said - nothing happens.

Any help?

Do you have the A/C adapter for your iAudio? That's what you need.

You need the original USB charger from Cowon (it is wired a bit differently than usual USB). In principle this part of the process of installing the bootloader is the same as a normal firmware upgrade of the Cowon firmware, as they describe on their site with pictures just using our bin file and unzipping the Rockbox build.

oh, now I understood. Thanks! I even found the hebrew font (the reason I installed rockbox in the first place)  :)

Have fun with Rockbox!


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