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This is a call for submissions from all you talented web designed folk out there for a new design for the front page at

Things to bear in mind :

1) We reserve the right to reject any work at all, for any reason we spend 30 seconds coming up with. Or even no reason at all.

2) Submitting a rendered view of the page is not acceptable as an entry, we want the actual working code.  If you're the creative type, and can't do the web coding - try and team up with someone who can. Then you can put something together in Photoshop (or The GIMP!), and let your coding buddy turn it into something that works as HTML/CSS.  

3) Rockbox has a significant number of users who are either totally blind, or partially sighted. Make sure your submission is accessbile to these people too. Proper use of ALT tags and the like.

4) Above all your submission should be easy to maintain if we come up with some other stuff we want to put on the front page at some point in the future.

We also reserve the right to change these rules if we feel we have to :)

We don't want a complete free for all - we want something that is in keeping with the current design - so a similar colour palette, and we need a certain number of key things to be included on the page.

A) We'd like to keep the SVN submissions table, and the other dynamic content, but aren't sure about the best way to display this. So this needs to stay on the front page - but try something innovative with it. Surprise us.

B) A lot of people arriving at the front page of seem to feel it should be a portal to more specific information, and not contain actual up to date information directly, for instance we think the list of supported models can probably be moved elsewhere into the site, since a lot of people either seem to miss it currently, or somehow think it's out of date. We *do* want a link to it though.

C) The "News" items change very slowly currently - we'd like it to reflect items from the MajorChanges wiki page, and perhaps some other specific items when we choose to include them (e.g. DevCon announcements).

D) Obviously we want the Rockbox Logo (none of the ones from the Logo competition please - none of those were ever liked well enough by everyone to replace the current logo - so stick to the official one please).

E) We still want the navigation bar at the side. If you think you can make it more accessible, then please do so.

F) Ideally, all layout on the page should be done using proper CSS layouts rather than the current nested tables design.

G) We need to keep all the sponsors logos - so don't throw them away.

H) We want to keep an area on the page which can show people what Rockbox is capable of looking like. Currently the idea we've been throwing around is to have this as a short-list of "Best of Rockbox themes". The actual image displayed will be randomly selected from this list whenever the page is re-loaded.

i really didnt want to post this because its not main page related because i figured id see posts in this topic but here it goes. Are there anybody working on this?

I am considering it, but need inspiration and time.  So far, I am lacking both.

Wow i haven't done html coding in years i doubt that i could so much as create a table let alone reference the subversion etc.

I really like the idea of a rotating themes section, though I never visit the front page, just the latest build page to see whats going on and the forum page....



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