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Gigabeat Keymap Change

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Then it's not the best keymap for the H100 or H300 series either, since they work in the same way. You're used to the retail firmware, spend two months getting used to this, then come back and tell me why not being able to navigate with just your thumb is better than having that option, with objective reasons beyond simply "I like the other way better."

Absolutely, I'm with this one... makes it the same as my H120; much better.

I'm not sure if I'll like it or not but I'll take the time to see if I can get used to it... and if I can't I'll just go edit the code for myself.

Thanks for the notice.

I'm all for for this one too (for obvious reasons).

If my next DAP ends up being a Gigabeat, then I'm cool with this change, too. I can rapidly adapt to the control scheme.


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