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I was only talking about the manual.  Is there a review process for the manual?
Is there anyway that people can help with this?  (My wife is a grammar and spelling "policewoman").  

BTW looks like I will probably look for a Gigibeat "F" on fleabay and will then try it out for myself.  All things considered (features, battery play time, size/weight) the Gigabeat F is probably one of the better Rockbox targets, probably better than iPods of the same disk size.  

The manual is in SVN along with the rest of rockbox.  It is written in Latex.  If you would like to help out (and that is always welcome), then please do.  Patches can be submitted to flyspray, and if you don't know/don't want to learn latex a simple text file (no .doc etc) will also be helpful.

Please bear in mind that Rockbox uses British spelling etc conventions.

OT comment but...
LaTex brings back memories of Nroff, Troff (etc) before Wordperfect and MSword
in the days I was working for a Unix shop. (Gould / S.E.L. Fort Lauderdale, now kaput).
Imagine having to do your project reports that way.


--- Quote from: gorman on October 11, 2007, 09:35:42 AM ---What I find strange is keeping up and down for volume control on a platform that has hard buttons dedicated to exactly the same task.

Maybe mimicking the Rio Karma interface would make sense? Up->Pause/Play, Down->Stop
--- End quote ---
What about this thought? Wouldn't it make sense for this to be standard?

Edit: I brought this back because I think it was a distinct matter from my request of a "customize buttons" function being made available to end users.

It might well be that for the majority of users the fickle nature of the cross means that it's better to keep a "more neutral " function like volume up/down on the cross rather than the "final" functions of play/pause/stop, which are far more destructive of the music flow than a simple +/- 1 in volume.


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