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Hi all,

in the past few weeks we managed to do quite some work on the new Qt port of Rockbox Utility (aka. rbutil). It is now equivalent to the old wxwidgets version regarding functionality -- but definitely not regarding bugs! To iron out the remaining bugs and make it possible having Rockbox Utility *the* complete Rockbox installer we need your help for testing. Try every possible combination, try to make it reproducibly crash, try to find any bug you could imagine ;)

* If you do a new install, just try it! If you find any issues don't hesitate to let us know.
* If you are updating -- there's no reason to not try Rockbox Utility. As updating will usually overwrite a build (as explained in the documentation) there shouldn't be any risk trying it. We tested as far as we could already, but of course we couldn't try every combination
Why a new version? Well, besides the technical reasons I'd like to sum up key features of Rockbox Utility:

* Automated installation -- Rockbox Utility will download and extract all required files automatically. All you need to do is to click a few buttons.
* Theme installation: Rockbox Utility can install themes. Themes will be downloaded from, giving you access to all those nice themes. Please note that Rockbox Utility currently can't decide if you need an unsupported build. Check the comments if in doubt.
* Of course you can also install the current voice files, as with the fonts and game files we provide.
* Automated uninstallation: If you want to get rid of installed stuff, just uninstall it. Rockbox Utility keeps a log file of all it installed, so it can remove everything as well. (Unsurprisingly you need to have the files installed using Rockbox Utility for this to work)
There are a few known issues. Please don't report the following as bugs as we're aware of it already. We keep a list of known issues on the wiki page so please refer to that.

In case you missed the link earlier, go to for details -- updates will be posted to that wiki page.

Happy hunting!

Update (2007-09-03):
Rockbox Utility has been updated -- current version is 1.0.1. Now including:

* lots of bugfixes
* prebuild binaries for Windows, Linux and MacOS X
* updated translations (currently french and german)
* improved autodetection, should now be able detecting more players without installation
Update (2007-10-18):
Rockbox Utility has been updated to 1.0.2. The update includes

* lots of bugfixes (as usual ;) )
* make some dialogs clearer and fail more gracefully on common errors.
* Add support for Sansa c200
* New translations added: chinese simplified and traditional
* add new "Actions" menu for easier accessiblity of the available actions.
* Improve autodetection by using the USB PIDs and implement additional logic for cases where the IDs aren't unique. This makes it possible to detect almost all players (but not always the mountpoint)
* (windows) add support for talkfile creation using the sapi_voice.vbs script from Rockbox svn.
* (windows) support using the "system proxy" (IE5) setting.
* (osx) support mountpoint resolving upon autodetection.Testing is still needed, so don't hesitate and try it! ;)


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