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firmware_fm.bin 2.3 file size

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Hi everybody,

I successfully flashed my FM with the 2.2 version a few weeks ago.
Now I want to flash with the 2.3, but I noticed that the new firmware_fm.bin file is only 77 Ko.
The 2.2 one was 189,7 Ko
How can you put more features in a smaller file ?
Do I have a problem ? bad uncopress or something ?

Thanks for your answer

El Manu

You are not the first one to not understand the flashing process. We need to address this documentation issue somehow.

I have a few questions for you:

Which documentation did you use to find out how to flash Rockbox?

What did that documentation say about how to update the already flashed Rockbox to a newer version?

Whow, what a fast answer !

First of all, I think I did perfectly understand the documentation, because I already flashed the 2.2 version !
Anyway, I did'nt noticed there was a chapter about "how to update the already flashed Rockbox to a newer version"
I will read it immediately and tell you if I understood.

Thanks a lot for your answer.

El Manu

Hi again !

OK, I read the following documentation :

20 seconds after, I had my new version flashed !
Whow, it's VERY fast to browse in the directories !! Incredibly faster than 2.2 !!

Thanks for this great work.
El Manu

Me again,

even if my personal problem is solved, it doesn't explain why the 2.3 bin file is smaller than the 2.2.
Let me try to resume what I understood :
-the 2.3 program is on the ajbrec.ajz file. The .bin file contain only some parts to allow to flash the content of the ajbrec.ajz in the ROM. Right ?

Thanks to confirm (or explain if I'm completely wrong, I'm just curious)

El Manu


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