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Rockbox installation

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I have got to be doing something wrong.  When I plug in my jukebox to my computer, i see my disk coming up as jukebox j.  i open up the rockbox zip and extract it into jukebox j, unplug my device from the usb and turn it on.  I see no rockbox firmware.  only the original firmware 1.28.  thats it.  I'm passed being a computer beginner.  I don't get it.

i appreciate the feedback.

Did you really "safely unplug" the jukebox?

If you are unsure about the whole installation process, I can recommend the windows installer. You can download it from the Download page.

can you give me a quick rundown on how it works.  This rockbox forum rocks. 
Much thanks to all you guys who replied to my questions.

1) Download the rockbox installer:

2) Insert the jukebox

3) Run the installer, select the appropriate jukebox model and drive letter, and install it

4) Click on the USB icon in the system tray and select "safely unplug" (or whatever it says)

5) When the computer says it's OK, unplug the jukebox.


Thank you. I will try that and keep you posted.


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