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Hello Everyone,

I'm hoping someone can help me with the installation of rockbox.  I'm trying to install it on my jukebox 15.

I currently have about 2oo songs on my jukebox & i do not see a root folder on it.  Now, am i suppose to create one and then extract the rockbox files from the winzip into that folder?

Any help on this is greatly appreciated.

The root folder is the toplevel folder. If you use windows and your Archos pops up as unit J:, the root dir of your archos is J:\.

That's justthe thing.  I don't see any other folder except my mp3 folders that i created.  Should I just reinstall the firmware and then try to install rockbox?

Does your player appear as a disk when you connect it with the USB cable?

If yes, that _is_ the root folder. Unzip rockbox there.

If you still don't understand Daniel...

Root folder = you double-click the drive name for your jukebox, and viola your in the root folder!


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