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Ok, I'm trying to do the thing with the archos reading each folder name, as I use my archos in the car and this would make it alot easier. So, I got lame and it is installed and I put the lame.exe and the mp3clipgen.vbs file in the same directory. However when I double-click on the .vbs file it brings up the "open with" menu thing. So, what's the deal?

Edit: I right-clicked and choose open with command prompt, and it worked! so, everyone use this as a future reference. Now I got it to read the directories, but it will not read the filenames, even though it is set to read them as .mp3 clips.

The mp3clipgen script was developed back when only folder names could be spoken, so it doesn't create the necessary clips for ordinary files. If you want to do both, download the newer script:

You can configure it to do only folders or only files if you wish; see the included readme file for details.

Anyone know how to convince voiceBox to use a spanish voice?
I have some installed on my computer, including the free one available from Microsoft for SAPI4 - but voiceBox refuses to accept anything but English... :-(

Thank  you!

In the VoiceUtils.vbs file you will find the following line:

 Set spkr.Voice = spkr.GetVoices("Language=409").Item(0)

AFAIK all you need to do is change that language ID (409) to the appropriate hex code for Spanish, which I believe is C0A.

The ID's I know of (lifted from are:

Arabic (Saudi) = 401
Basque = 42d
Chinese (Simplified) = 804
Chinese (Traditional) = 404
Croatian 0x041A Polish = 415
Czech = 405
Danish = 406
Dutch = 413
English (British) = 809
English (US) = 409
Finnish = 40B
French = 40C
German = 407
Greek = 408
Hebrew = 40D
Hungarian = 40E
Italian = 410
Japanese = 411
Korean = 412
Norwegian = 414
Portuguese (Portugal) = 816
Portuguese (Brazil) = 416
Russian = 419
Slovakian = 41B
Slovenian = 424
Spanish = C0A
Swedish = 41D
Thai = 41E
Turkish = 41F

I suppose this ought to go in the WIKI...

...and now it is in there.  ;D


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