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Old Studio 10 and new imac


I had downloaded and flashed RB ver 2.4 a long time ago.  The JB worked fine with my old windows machines- but, now I have a new imac w/ 10.4.10, and the JB won't mount. I have downloaded the old cypress 1.4j.1 driver, but would like to know if anyone has used it successfully on a late 10.4 machine before I install it.  Also, I downloaded a current build, and can get it to run using the (-) key on boot.  So, my questions are:
1. anyone get a JB Studio 10 or similar to mount on a new mac? how?
2. what is current flash procedure, so I can replace 2.4 in ROM?
3. if I need to go back to the archos 5.08 firmware  :(  , how would I do it?  It has just been too long, and I'm getting too old for this stuff!

thanks for any feedback


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