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Seeing as how the new JPG viewer works so nice, was wondering on a scale of 1-10 how difficult you think it'd be to integrate that into the WPS system to display an album cover on the screen at the same time as the song info.  I can't believe how far Rockbox has gotten, it's 100 times better than the original iRiver stuff.  Keep up the good work!

Realized I might not have been the first to think of this, but really neglected to do a search.  If this has come up more than once, let me know so I can kill this thread.  All involved, sorry if I'm creating useless posts.

Adding JPEG support to the WPS is not really a good idea. The JPEG viewer has to run the cpu at 120MHz to get more than the native 2 (B&W) or 4 (greyscale) colors. Adding this to the WPS will drain the juice in no time.

What would be nice is if album art could come up by pressing a button or two from the WPS instead.  Then you get a nice big view of the cover and you don't have to drain away the power all the time. :D

However this would not work as of now.  The current jpeg viewer steals the audio buffer for its memory currently which stops all audio from running.  For smaller images like most album covers maybe the plugin could be adapted to take over the normal plugin buffer for its memory resource.  I will look at the source but I am not quite as good as the developers...

I don't think there are many more key presses left (if any), really. I've got an iRiver 120 and all three side buttons are taken, the joystick click is taken (both long and short clicks) as are all the directionals on the joystick. The only thing left is record which might do something I'm not aware of...

Really good points.  Yeah, it's more an aesthetic thing than anything.  I can live without it.  I just got started with Rockbox two days ago and already I'm more impressed with this than any homebrew things I've seen lately.  To include the sheer amount of features include in this and still maintain functionality is most impressive.  Thanks RockBox community!


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