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Flashing Rockbox to a Jukebox Recorder 10: Proper method?

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I know that this is in the documents for the Archos players, and in the manual, but I want to make sure I do this right.

A friend of mine at work has an old Archos Jukebox Recorder (USB 1.1, 10GB). He wants to try Rockbox on it, and he asked me to flash Rockbox to it, making it permanent. (Good man!  :) )

The problem is, however, that all the relevant information about flashing Rockbox that's posted at various places on the site seems to be conflicting with itself, talking about obsolete methods, and RomBox or BootBox or what have you. So I ask: which method is the most recent? And how will it work with one of these two situations:

1) I install the official Rockbox v2.5 release, OR
2) I use a daily build so he can at least have the WAV playback support.

Can anyone tell me which is best?

Your option 1 or 2 is a matter of choice for you to make.

If you want to use RomBox (i.e. have the software running directly from ROM) and use the latest software you will need to compile a special version with the Database code excluded. (RomBox gives longer battery time because more RAM is available to use for the audio buffer - this reduces the number of disc spin-ups).

If you want to use the 2.5 release I would suggest instead my 2.5.1 version at This fixes a problem with charging that is in version 2.5 (There are other enhancements in this version as well).

Hmmm... sounds like a plan! Ehh, I don't think he'll ever miss WAV playback.

Release 2.5.1, here I come!


--- Quote from: LambdaCalculus379 on June 15, 2007, 07:10:00 AM ---Release 2.5.1, here I come!
--- End quote ---
I just wanted to point out that the version 2.5.1 is not an official release. Version 2.5 is but as TAC109 mentioned, it had some bugs which he fixed (with this bugfix only, version 2.5.1 was hosted officially in the wiki) but then a few other things were added. That's why it is now in the unofficial builds forum and the same rules as to every other unofficial build apply.

I haven't tried v2.5.1 but if it's based off of the 2.5 release it will be quite different from what there is now and a current manual might not be that helpfull.

Edit: Typos, another thought.

But surely there is a 2.5 manual available?


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