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problem with my AJB

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I've an archos jukebox studio 20 and when I connect the AJB to my PC via USB,if I don't connect my AJB to my charger,the AJB stop after a little time even if my battery is charged...

Somebody can help me?

Your batteries may be worn out. Try replacing them.

but i can heart music for a long time without charging my batteries.Maybe I must change an option in my AJB???


When you listen to music, the hard drive spins down after filling the MP3 buffer. When connected to USB, the drive often spins all the time, draining the batteries much faster.

Does the AJBR still charge over USB?  I had an FM Recorder that finally gave up the ghost, and I could keep it on a USB cable all night without running out of battery unless I was using the disk constantly.  When the disk wasn't in use, the battery charged and I would often have a full battery even after having it connected all night.  Now I have an AJBR and it seems to behave the same way as described above.  Was something changed in the firmware, or something? 


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