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I got a brand new e280, and I can't put the firmware on it.


When I plug it in, it comes up in My Computer under a separate section as an audio player, and I can't unzip the necessary files to it, nor can I copy them to it when they've already been unzipped.  When I right click in the root directory, Paste is whited out in the context menu even though I've already copied the files.  Any ideas?

Hi. sounds like you are in wrong disc usage mode. please read the install guide again before proceding,

 it may save you further troubles. its not explicit on that page, but you MUST put sansa into MSC mode, from within sansa's original mode. then you should be able to copy to the drive. here is another link i found very helpful:

hope that helps.   :)

Ah, thanks a million, man.  I never would've figured it out, what with how it wasn't stated, and now I've got Rockbox running on it.

Actually, it states quite clearly on the installation page (linked above by calam):

2.2.3.  Installing the firmware

Warning: The following steps require you to change the setting in Settings → USB Mode to MSC from within the original firmware.


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